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Stenksiuos ir ash sudalyvaut!!! butinai
2010 Rugpjūčio 15 21:37
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na tai kas ruosiates i protesta?
2010 Rugsėjo 20 17:16
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Prisijungsiu Thurrock service'e 1500.
2010 Rugsėjo 20 18:27 "Turbato melius capiuntur flumine pisces"
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Kada vyks artimiausias protestas?
2010 Rugsėjo 20 19:49
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Cituoju: kikis
Kas norejo, bet negalejo sudalyvauti "The long way round" turi galimybe sudalyvaut "The long way round 2" Sestadieni, rugsejo 25d. Startuojam 10.00 South Mimms services. Judam pries laikrodzio rodykle, Clackett lane, Thurrock services ir 17.00 vel South Mimms services.
Daugiau info:

Si sestadieni ;)
2010 Rugsėjo 20 20:16 "Turbato melius capiuntur flumine pisces"
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M25 on Sep 25 "the Great Lap of London - the other way round!"

For those of you who still don't know, we will be LEAVING the Sth Mimms Services on Saturday at 10am travelling anti-clockwise through Surrey, Kent & Essex. So make sure you breakfast early (NB:- its not only your bike that needs fuel) to get there by 9.30am in time to register for the ride.

Register for the ride??? What's all that then??? - don't worry, we want be making you hand over all your personal details!! As with the first ride, and unlike others who grossly over-exaggerate the turnout, we hand out a badge style sticker to everyone who joins the ride. By starting with a known number of stickers, and subtracting what we have left, we can accurately calculate the attendance.....assuming everyone there remembers to ask for a sticker. Our thanks once again goes to our friends at First Colour Ltd in Newman Street W1 - Cliff & the gang have generously donated the printing of over 20,000 flyers and the stickers.

As mentioned, the event is to start raising the £20k we need to Appeal the dreadful decision in the High Court. Remember, we only need the funds if permission is obtained. No permission, no funds. Hence, when we give out the attendance stickers, we will unashamedly ask you to donate a couple of quid. It is important that, if you are donating your £10 on Saturday, you MUST give us a LEGIBLE email address so we can contact you should we need to repatriate the funds. An envelop, marked "NTBPT Legal Fund" with the £10 and a printed email address, or even a business card would make our lives a lot easier on Saturday.

M25 - Bibs & Water

As we have already drowned you in NTBPT Bibs as well as the commemorative ones for the first M25, we have decided to make available a limited edition special collectors' Hi-Viz for Saturday's M25 the other way around. There are only 100 of these, each individually numbered and we will be asking £18 each. As with last time, the 100th will be auctioned off at the end of the run. Like last time, we will be selling bottled water from our truck at £1 a go - so please support us by buying from us as opposed to the service stations.

Brussels - late October

As we beaver behind the scenes to smooth our entry into Brussels, we hope to announce the date on Saturday at the M25 run. Whilst we would prefer to travel on a Friday as it is easiest for our guys to take that day off work, and maybe make a weekend of it, we are, of course, governed by the offices in Brussels and may have to make it a Thursday or even a Wednesday.

That said, we have concluded that the most convenient form of channel crossing will be the Eurotunnel and are delighted to say that we have secured a group discount from the standard return fare of £28 to £25 per bike (that includes pillion riders). However, eurotunnel have been a bit ambiguous as to how many a single train can take, suffice to say that, with several trains leaving every hour, no-one should be far behind the main group. A form for you to complete can be downloaded from here which you can email back to together with a transfer of £25 direct to our bank 40-02-35 a/c 11411047. Please note, we CAN'T take credit card payment as paypal exact charges. If you prefer to pay cash, can you download the form; complete it and put it in an envelop marked "NTBPT Brussels" with either a cheque or the cash. This will keep it separate from donations collected on the day.

The idea will be to leave en masse from Calais at 12.30pm local time (11.30am GMT) so, if you don't want to join the main convoy crossing, please make your own arrangements to be in Calais by that time. The fare is a day-return and many will be heading back aiming to catch the 10pm (Local) train. If you want to stay shorter or longer, please do.

The word has been circulated to our friends at the FFMC but we are yet to hear from them as to whether they will be encouraging their members to join us, although a top French Motorcycle Magazine reporter has already committed to covering the event.
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ash dirbsiu, nepavyks sudalyvaut
2010 Rugsėjo 24 23:22
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darbas zmogu puosia....taigi ir as busiu grazuciukas ;)
2010 Rugsėjo 24 23:25
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po darbo i ferry lane uzleksiu arba i chequers lane, ten paprotestuosiu :-]
2010 Rugsėjo 24 23:30
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The British Motorcyclists Federation is calling on its 80,000 members to support tomorrow’s ‘M25 - Great Lap of London - The Other Way Round’ protest run in support of the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign (NTBPT).
2010 Rugsėjo 25 14:46 "Turbato melius capiuntur flumine pisces"
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Sudalyvauta (y)
Sekantis vaziavimas... i Bruseli! Berods Spalio pabaigoje, data patikslinsiu veliau.
Patikslinu, vaziavimas i Bruseli Spalio 28, ketvirtadieni ;) Bilietai Eurotuneliu £25, per

Taip pat Londone atsirado "smart" automobiliai su kamerom, kurie pasislepia ir iesko pazeideju, kad daugiau primelzt pinigu ;) Bet baikeriai neduoda jiems pasislept :)

Taip pat ir per TV BBC
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Mane nervina, kad tie smartai su kameromis gali stoveti ant dvigubos geltonos o kiti negali
2010 Rugsėjo 25 23:29
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Bardakas! Siandien ryte, pries vaziavima i demonstracija, gavau parkingo bauda. Kensington Park Road'e, priparkavau baika tarp kitu dvieju baiku po "Residents only" zenklu :A 60£ jei sumokesiu per 14 dienu. Moketi nesiruosiu, ieskau info nete :V
2010 Rugsėjo 25 23:44 "Turbato melius capiuntur flumine pisces"
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Verta perskaityti!

A trip to Brussels! Come along, we are taking this to the EU!


1. It used to be free to park like that, now they expect us to pay and give us nothing for it, plus you need a mobile phone and credit card to pay.

2. On-street motorcycle parking in Westminster has increased by 35% since 2006 from 4,550 to 6,150 but they also stopped motorcycles from parking on unused pieces of land and footpaths/alleyways where the vehicle was not obstructing pedestrians

3. The Mayor of Paris INCREASED the number of FREE individual marked out motorcycle parking spaces by 18,000, to do this they had to remove 1200 money making car parking spaces

4. Westminster City Council promised secure ground anchors to chain our bikes to… so far they have only installed 140 in 20 bays, there are 500 bays which works out at around 4%

5. From FOI (Freedom Of Information) requests we have worked out that Westminster City Council has generated almost £4million in revenue in 2 years from this scheme

6. Westminster City Council claim to be making a loss of £430,000 a year, costing tax payers money for a scheme which is supposed to be revenue neutral as it is illegal to charge for parking in the sole purpose of generating revenue

7. If the scheme is LOSING MONEY what sense is there in continuing to charge?

8. They have received 8000 objections to this scheme, NO SUPPORT from any Residents’ Associations, and total damnation from the BMF, MAG, and Tax Payers Alliance

9. They now face a costly High Court case which has been funded by donations to the NoToBikeParkingTax Campaign which is costing the tax payer even more money

10. The leader (Danny Chalkly) in charge of the parking scheme recently resigned due to the constant pressure from this campaign and the lack of support from his colleagues

11. The Government gets £50billion in taxes (fuel (a litre of unleaded petrol at £119.9 per Litre = fuel duty at 57.19p, VAT 17.86p, Product 39.85p, per Litre, retailer and delivery 5p), insurance 5% of policy cost, road tax, licenses, speed camera fines) a year which is supposed to cover everything to do with the roads in Britain, they currently only spend £8.3billion of it… hence the state of our roads. Why do local councils need to charge for parking when the Government is sitting on £41.7billion, its time we asked for our money back!

12. Westminster City Council is one of the richest councils in England and gets an annual budget of £1billion, part of which is to cover all road maintenance (signs, road markings, pavements, etc) why then do they charge for painting a white line for motorcycles to park in? They don’t charge cyclists for all the cycle railings to chain their bikes to, and bicycles dont pay towards the up keep of Britains roads. (We are not making a stab at cyclists here, we are just making a point, we think cyclist should get free railings and parking facilities, but then how can the councils be so hypocritical and charge the tax payers even more for something they are already entitled to and have payed for!)

13. Westminster City Council makes £40million a year from council tax, but makes £80million from parking revenue, why does the price of parking a car keep exceeding the rate of inflation for no benefits? When parking meters were first introduced they started in Westminster 50 years ago, it cost back then 5p an hour to park, if the price had increased with inflation it would now only cost 45p an hour to park… but it now costs £5 an hour, which is a 10,000% increase… for what?

Motorcycle and scooter riders will not let this happen to them!

For more information on the dodgy dealings of Westminster City Council either join the Forum at or visit
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Cituoju: kikis
Bardakas! Siandien ryte, pries vaziavima i demonstracija, gavau parkingo bauda. Kensington Park Road'e, priparkavau baika tarp kitu dvieju baiku po "Residents only" zenklu :A 60£ jei sumokesiu per 14 dienu. Moketi nesiruosiu, ieskau info nete :V

parasyk kiki kaip tau baigsis si istorija,nes tikrai bardakas.. as keliom dienom kas pora savaiciu jau kokie metai vis parkuojuosi prie Aldgate East gatveje kur tik residents only parking,nors nesu rezidentas,bet kolkas joks vardenas nprilipde baudos..beje prisiparkaves iskart moto uzdengiu su uzrakinamu uzdangalu,tad kazkam norint pamatyt tektu prapjaut ar prakirpt medziaga
2010 Rugsėjo 28 23:13
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Daug priklauso kokioje "borough" savivaldybeje parkuojiesi. Aldgate East berods priklauso Tower Hamlets, jie matyt netokie arsus baiku atzvilgiu. Ko nepasakysi apie Westminster ar Kensington and Chelsea.
Bet pagal istatyma jie gali ir prakirpt uzdangala, kad pamatyti valstybini numeri ir road tax'us...

As noted in Parking Ticket News June 2003, under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 it is an offence to either fail to display a vehicle excise duty disc or obscure a vehicle's registration number (VRN).

The London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2008 now specifically allows Civil Enforcement Officers (Parking Attendants) to remove any obstacle obscuring your Vehicle Registration (VRN) without being liable for any damage caused in so doing so (provided the act was not done in bad faith, without due care or in contravention of the Human Rights Act)(Updated 9 Sep 08)
The offence of parking without a Vehicle Registration Number on display can currently only be dealt with by the Police and Traffic Wardens (who have the power to check for tax disc violations). In the event of non-compliance, you may receive a ticket (issued by the Police or Traffic Warden), or as a worse case scenario, your vehicle could be clamped or towed.

Also note that the Corporation of London (City) Police are particularly hot on ticketing motorcycles failing to display a tax disc, even if they are parked legally.
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Protestas tesiasi! Londonieciai, kas pirmadieni nedirbat ir turit laiko, prasome, atvaziuokite i teismo posedi, kur vyks klausymas del baiku parkingo legalumo. Vaziavimas nuo Trafalgar Square link teismo rumu. Pajuda 0830am. Susitikimo vieta Villiers Street, salia Trafalgar Square.
Yra 60 vietu teismo saleje. Reikia Jusu pagalbos, kad visos vietos butu uzimtos, taip parodant baikeriu solidaruma ir kad visuomene domisi sia byla.
Be there and be part of history!
2011 Kovo 11 21:59 "Turbato melius capiuntur flumine pisces"
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Chebra nepasiduokit, nes ta durna ideja pas mus nugesino, bet jai jumi iveiks mumi kirs paskui (s) :A :E
2011 Balandžio 17 14:16
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